I created this page where I’m trying to get the links of the websites of all the CB DX Groups / Clubs worldwide. Feel free to send me the links so i can add them on the page – ITS FREE. Thank you. 73′s.


web ALFA TANGO – Gruppo Radio Italia
- The most famous DX Group on 11 meters band. News, cluster, discussion board, and a lot of useful information on activations, dxpeditions, contests and 11 DX activity worldwide.
web BRAVO INDIA GOLF – Big Group – Gruppo Radio Italia
- Gruppo Radio Italia CB – OM – SWL – BCL – DX Radio Group.
web CHARLIE TANGO 11m DX Group
- CB radio forum for the Charlie Tango DX group, 11 Meter international DX group. CB help and advice on our forum, Buy and sell CB equipment in our market place.
web DELTA ALFA – DX Adventure Radio Club
web DELTA XRAY – Radio Club
- Delta-Xray Radio Club is a 11-meter radio club, formed November 1st 2001.
The club is formed by extremely experienced, qualified and skilled operators.
web FOXTROT BRAVO – International 11m DX Group
- Freebanding, foxtrot bravo, is an international dx group, with EQSL bureau, QSL manager and freebanding resources.
web MIKE ECHO X-RAY – International DX Group
web ROMEO PAPA – 11 meters DX Group
- CB Radio Puławy 161 Romeo Papa DX group Pulawy Lublin Mayson Poland Krótkofalarstwo Krótkofalowcy HAM Radio hobby.
web ROMEO CHARLIE – International DX Group
web SUGAR DELTA – World DX Radio Group
web TANGO DELTA TANDO – 11m DX Group
web TANGO MIKE – 11m Band DX Group
- tango Mike is an offshoot of the popular Radio Resources website www.transmission1.co.uk. We formed the DX group in November 2006 as many CB operators across the UK and beyond are beginning to get back into the radio and DX hobby.
- The Thracian Rose Club has been created to promote contacts within the radio community members (HAM, CB and SWL).