A short introductional guide to CB si DX in the 11 meters band / 27Mhz

» Amateur Radio Phonetic Alphabet
» Amateur Radio “Q” Code
» CB – Country Divisions
» CB Radio Frequency Table
The International Q-Code is also used on the CB-Radio band (11-Meters).
Using the Q-Code simplify making contact if conditions is pore, it also
shortens the time you have to be “on the air”, Use of Q-Code on the
CB-Radio band is close to mandatory
Some Common Q-Codes used on the CB-Radio band.
CQ Seek You! Used for calling on stations/regions or general calls

QSL Confirmation of complete contact by radio

QSO A completed contact by radio

QRM Interference from other RF-Signals

QRN Noice / Static or atmosphere Interference

QRT Stop your transmission / Or: I am about to stop my transmission

QSY Change to other frequency

QRZ What is your Call-Sign? / Or: My Call-Sign is…

QSB Non stabile signal, the signal strenght is going up and down…

QTH Position from where the transmission is made

QSK Brake in on an ongoing QSO